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Welcome to CannaCare where drug and addiction treatment has never been easier

Access to doctors and counselors on your schedule

It’s time addiction treatment caught up with the modern world. That’s why we combine FDA-approved medication and the support of dedicated therapists for gold-standard addiction care that leads to lasting behavior change.

Get medication to manage cravings for opioids or alcohol
Detox from opioids from the comfort and safety of your home
Major health plans like Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield accepted

Why Customers Choose Us

Pain was started with a single premise: treat every patient as if they were our own family.

Certified Specialists

Our certified pain and addiction doctors help treat issues with innovative options.

Centers In All States

Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Maine, West Virginia, Louisiana and Michigan


Our chiropractors use effective and safe techniques in treating pain.

Advanced Pain Providers

Our clinicians develop a comprehensive care plan tailored to your diagnosis.

The Areas Of Practice

CannaCare believes in treating each patient as whole. We offer many options for pain relief and create an individualized treatment plan for each patient. Your treatment plan may include many facets from our comprehensive care program, such as chiropractic care or biofeedback, in addition to procedures and more conventional pain management modalities.

Mental Health

We Strive to Fully Understand Each Person's Unique Challenges & Develop a Treatment Plan.


We create the proper environment for damaged nerves and tissues to start repairing themselves.


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