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Cannacare is actively seeking opportunities to partner with medical practices providing high-quality primary care and chiropractors services. When you consider selling your practice to Cannacare, you can look forward to having us help you plan for the future of your practice while continuing a tradition of great care for your patients and unlocking the fair value of your health care business. Cannacare makes the sale process seamless through our simple and non-intrusive practice evaluation.

Cannacare offers the flexibility to partner or transition out of the business over an agreed-upon timeline, or continued employment in which you will gain the following on-going benefits.

Why We Partner with Chiropractors

Our aim is growth with purpose, which promises to unlock great opportunities for our organization, patients, and employees. partnering your Chiropractors practice will allow us to:

  • Provide greater access and better services to our patients
  • Offer career advancement opportunities to our employees
  • Build stronger relationships with our managed-care payer partners
  • Continue investing in the infrastructure, sustainability, and quality of our company
  • Extract meaningful insight from a larger set of clinical and operational data