Should Cannabis be used as a a alternative to pharmaceuticals?

Kevin Edmundson

Medical Cannabis is on a big upswing in the United States with rumors of federal legalization happening as soon as 2023. The organization and patient education of currently available MMJ programs has been left up to the individual states implementing them, causing vastly different patient experiences and access. MMJ is used for many ailments, and changes depending on which state you’re in. The process is confusing, difficult, and there are few “one-stop” solutions to bridge the gap of primary care and Medical Marijuana Professionals. MMJ doctors are not allowed full access to medical records, nor allowed to provide full, adequate care for patients. Primary care physicians are not allowed to refer patients, or in some cases, even discuss the topic of MMJ with their patients.

CannaCare Medical Group (CCMG) is the only crossover between MMJ and Primary Care physicians in an interstate network of medical professionals, that know and understand medical cannabis. We offer cost effective monthly medical plans that include Non-Urgent/Primary Care, we include free or discount pharmacy
medications, MMJ card evaluations, a nationwide dispensary loyalty card, specific programs and association advantages for senior (55+) and diabetic communities.
CCMG has submitted clinical research for FDA approval of our in-house Transdermal patches, Neuropathy program, and remote patient monitoring services for general health & wellness through our key partner, Spectral Analytics. We accept most insurance, including Medicare/Medicaid, as well as many cash services directed at the physical and mental well-being of patients. CCMG is able to offer a full suite of medical care to patients through ad-hoc telemedicine services integrated into 10,000 chiropractic offices nationwide through our partnership with the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). Medical staff are able to better serve patients as they work in tandem with chiropractors who have established long-term relationships with their patients.