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Get virtual care with your care team or a CannaCare Medical Group Walk-In CannaCare Clinic. Book a Video Visit through

CannaCare Video Visit Basics

Video Visit Basics

You can schedule Video Visits with your care team through Ontrack. Visits with a Cannacare Medical Group are also offered for common health conditions. Don't have a CannaCare Health Online account? Sign up now.

Cannacare Medical Group Walk-In Care clinicians are available Tuesday – Friday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, and closed or at events on holidays.


Video Visits may be covered by insurance and have a co-pay similar to an in-office visit. Contact your insurance company about coverage and patient responsibility.

*Available in the Cannacare health plans.


You must be physically located in California at the time of your appointment to participate in Video Visits. For visits with a Cannacare Medical Group Walk-In Care, patients must be 18 months of age or older.

Diabetes Treatment

A1C Test $250
prediabetes $230
Type 1 Diabetes $575
Type 2 Diabetes $320
Fasting Blood Sugar Test $250
Glucose Tolerance Test $165
Random Blood Sugar Test $165

Other services

Bikini Full (30 Min) $250
Bikini Line (30 Min)n $230
Full Chest (30 Min) $575
Full Leg (60 Min) $320
Half Leg (30 Min) $250
Underarms (30 Min) $165
Vagacial (60 Min) $165

Opening Hours

Tuesday–Friday 10am–6pm
Saturday Events
Sunday & Monday No Office hours
Holidays Closed

Doctors Availability

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